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Cyber adAPT is a start up located in Half Moon Bay, CA.  They create highly advanced cyber security software to locate and track hackers inside networks.  Their mission is to not only educate about the growing threat of security vulnerabilities, but to also help ensure that the security postures and practices are sufficient and work holistically to protect digital property and corporate reputation.

Cyber adAPT approached us to deliver a website based on a modern, clean web design and provide branding services for their new corporate identity.

Working with Luke and his team has been a wonderful experience. Given the scope of our project and the demanding nature of content creation and its meticulous placement, this was no easy task. With his professional and broad-minded approach, Luke made the process streamlined and fun. His creative suggestions and eye for precision helped up move along quickly and efficiently. The fact that his team stays current with the newest designs and tools, helps us maintain our edge and consider helpful tools that allow our clients and visitors to have an optimal experience learning about who we are and what we do.

Ewa Zwonarz

Website Summary

We developed a cutting-edge, modern website on top of a responsive WordPress platform and web design. We initially did a soft-launch to get their web presence off the ground, then was hired back to develop the full launch you see today.

Cyber adAPT website
Cyber adAPT logo


Cyber adAPT approached us just as they were in the process of a name change as well as developing their corporate identity. We assisted in designing their logo as well as developing their brand from the ground up. We provided branding for their logo, website, style guide, colors, fonts, data sheets, imagery, power point templates, and infographics.


We created a set of modern icons to accompany their brand and to help engage potential users by visually showcasing what Cyber adAPT does best. The illustrations help bring a unique flavor to their corporate website and identity.


Customizations & Integrations

When it came to their website function and management, we went above and beyond . Page transitions were integrated to create a seamless flow and improve user-experience. The WordPress back-end was also customized and extended to make management and updates easy.

Internal Website

In addition to Cyber adAPT's corporate website, a separate internal file sharing website was designed and launched. This site serves to improve communication between employees by creating a central hub to share documents and corporate messaging.