Anchorhead Recording Studio


  • Branding
  • Responsive & Mobile Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

This is one of our favorite projects that we have been fortunate enough to work on.  Anchorhead Recording Studio needed a sleek website and brand to attract clients in an ever-changing music industry.  We started with their logo, utilizing a sturdy yet friendly and fun design to display their best attributes. 

The Logo

A clean and sleek design was implemented to the Anchorhead Studio logo. A strong, yet modern typeface was developed - creating seamless flow and readability on all levels. Simple, yet unique, the Anchorhead logo stands out among the crowd and brings an element of class to potential clients.

The Website

The brand was backed up by a responsive, cutting edge design for their website.  We drew inspiration from browsing analog compressors and guitar amplifiers to model their website after.  Animation was added to their menu to resemble the fine-tuning of producing a guitar tone during the recording process.  A custom WordPress platform was developed on top of our design and launched.

Anchorhead Recording Studio Website