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Digital Advertising Agency & Video Production

Mainsail Creative is an Advertising Agency & Video Production Company based in Cleveland. Our creative team has decades of experience in digital media production, from Video Production to Web Design, Photography, Content Marketing, SEO, & Copywriting; We are a turnkey production solution for your brand.

Video Production Company

Video Production Services

Mainsail Creative is a Full-Service Creative Video Production Company. We specialize in creating Branded Short Films & Commercials for TV, Web, & more. We have an in-house creative team of Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, Audio Specialists, Art Directors, & More. Having these core roles filled in-house allows us to consistently deliver higher quality videos to our clients. No matter what style of production you are looking for we can deliver videos that have impact. From Short Web Videos to Event Coverage, Product Videos, Television Commercials, and Training Videos, we’ve brought a creative edge to nearly every video production style there is.

Our Producers will handle every part of the production process through to delivery… From first contact to coordinating camera crews & overseeing post-production, let us handle the creative process & logistics so you can focus on running your organization.

Video Production Company

Commercial Video Production Production Value

Production Value

Maximizing the value of your production is something we do best. Before we enter any project, we determine the project scope, level of production value, and the budget we have to work within. Delivering quality work to our clients is something we are passionate about. Our producers will work with you and our in-house writers & directors, to make sure we deliver with quality videos we can both be proud of. Using the world’s best Cinema Cameras & Audio Recording Gear we cultivate a polished visual aesthetic & a refined sound.  In addition to working top tier gear, we have an extensive crew network that allows us to bring in the most skilled technicians available for every production. Ultimately we want to produce incredible content, and will find the most cost effective ways to bring a high level of work to every project we do.

Produced Content

Mainsail Creative develops powerful & engaging content that aligns with your brand’s identity. Before starting any creative journey, we have to know where we are going. Getting at the heart of your campaign’s goal, we establish the scope of each project and begin the pre-production phase. Whether narrative, documentary, or media for products, we establish an outline, story, and visual look for your project. With that key information, we can establish a plan for our shoot, work more efficiently, and spend more time perfecting what really matters.

Produced Video Content


Video Production

Video Production Company

Mainsail Creative is a Full Service Video Production Company, who’s capabilities range from from Planning & Logistics through Execution & Post-Production Services, leaving ready to distribute video content. With every new production, we get a chance to push the creative and technical boundaries of video for our clients.

Agency Services

Digital Advertising Agency SEO Content Marketing & Web Advertising

When your customers go looking, it’s essential you rise above the noise. Through Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, & Web Advertising, we make sure your brand gets found. Best of all, with Digital Advertising, it’s scalable to fit your budget.

Project Management

Video Production Project Management

If you are spending time managing your media or dealing with the logistics of filming, then you aren’t running your business. Let us handle all the Planning, Art Direction, & Pre-Production that goes into managing a creative team. Whether you are looking for Video Production, or Web Services, with Mainsail at the Helm, we’ll bring a refined image to your media.

Photography Services

Commercial Photography Services

Mainsail Creative’s Commercial Photographers skulpt images that represent your brand’s aesthetic, amplifying their effectiveness. Having images that are not only visually stunning, but resonate with your target audience, helps your brands rise above the constant flood of advertising media. Working with the world’s best imaging tools allows us to create media a step above your competitors.

Web Design

Website Design


Websites can serve organizations in a number of different ways, from their customers first interaction with you, to your ecommerce sales portal, or simply tell your organization’s story. In order to effectively do either of these things, you need a clean & easy to navigate website that is fast & mobile friendly. We build websites with taking Design, Copywriting, & SEO elements into consideration, leaving you with a website that will rank better.

Creative Services

Creative Services & Art Direction

While high end cameras are great, what really matters is the content they capture. What is being said? How does it objectively look? This is where Copywriting & Art Direction take the productions we do for our clients to the next level. Our Art Directors are have experience managing creative teams in every aspect of media production from Video, Photography, Graphic Design, & Audio Production,